Michael Crouch

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Michael Crouch is an Audie Award-winning actor based in New York City. His audiobook narration has earned multiple Earphones Awards from Audiofile Magazine and Best of the Year listings from Booklist, School Library Journal, and Publishers Weekly. NYT bestselling and award-winning authors include Rick Riordan, James Patterson, Stephenie Meyer, Madeleine L'Engle, and Louis L'Amour. He can also be heard on national commercials, cartoons, video games, and the animé series Pokémon XY and Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V.

“An expert performance by Michael Crouch highlights life-changing moments in a family...Crouch is one of those actors who is especially magical creating women's voices. His male characters range from gruff to gentle. Crouch's ability to alter not only his voice but also his attitude is outstanding. He transforms what has become a tragically familiar news story into an intricate, nuanced puzzle about real people and real consequences.”

- AudioFile Magazine, Oliver Loving, Earphones Award Winner


"Crouch expertly narrates this character-heavy novel; in fact, his characterizations are so vividly crafted that one might mistake this for a full-cast audio...Crouch moves among characters with ease, vocally representing a full spectrum of emotion that gives richness and depth to the performance and draws the listener in."

- Booklist, No Good Deed, Starred Review


"Crouch paces his narration to keep listeners guessing. His masterful use of tone to portray character brings heart at just the right moments while keeping listeners on edge."

- AudioFile MagazineLoot, Earphones Award Winner


"Michael Crouch performs brilliantly; with true emotion and wit, he creates an instantly likable character in Felix."

- School Library Journal, Felix Yz, Starred Review


"Michael Crouch's narration blew me away on multiple fronts. Not only was he keenly attuned to the book's musicality, but he was funny. Damn funny. I had the uncanny experience of listening to Oola as if I hadn't written it."

- Brittany Newell, author of Oola


"The four narrators are superbly cast, each taking on the role of a main character with a distinctive voice that perfectly matches his or her role...and most memorable of all, the high, thin, nasal voice of the Nazi sailor Alfred [played by Michael Crouch], dripping with smug arrogance and self-righteousness."

- Publishers Weekly, Salt to the Sea, Audie Award Winner


"I spent years writing this book, years listening to these characters interact with each other in my head. And though I didn't imagine it possible, once I heard Michael bring each of them to life, his interpretation was somehow more accurate than my own. Michael performs emotion with nuance, and action with compelling energy. I am not an easy individual to please, and I feel absolutely proud of the audiobook Michael has delivered as a compliment to my novel."

- Jeffrey Kinsey, author of Areh


"What makes this audiobook special is Michael Crouch's comic timing...His characterization of the teens is impeccable: Wes's deadpan delivery, Corey's stoner temperament, and the mysterious Ash. Listeners will laugh out loud as Wes and Corey suggest names for their band and Ash hates on each one in detail."

School Library JournalThe Haters, Top 10 Audiobook of the Year


"As the author of a character-driven, first-person YA novel, the actor's performance was always going to make or break the audiobook. Michael completely embodied Simon in all his complexity: his humor, his mix of earnestness and cynicism, his wistfulness, his confusion. There's an emotional depth to Michael's performance that stunned me. He brought Simon's inner world to life with a degree of nuance I didn't think was possible across different types of media, and his interpretations of the other characters in Simon's world are utterly spot-on."

- Becky Albertalli, author of Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda

"When an email to his secret almost-boyfriend is intercepted, Simon is thrust on a heart-breaking, yet hysterical journey of self-discovery. Crouch authentically voices the raw emotions of Simon in all of his neurotic and witty glory."

American Library Association, YALSA Amazing Audiobook


"The first time I heard Michael Crouch's voice, reading Midnight--he captured the lonely, romantic, hopeful spirit of my character so perfectly it took my breath away."

- April Genevieve Tucholke, author of Wink Poppy Midnight, YALSA Top Ten Amazing Audiobook


"As Aspen, a protagonist who approaches the irredeemable, narrator Crouch executes a perfect combination of arrogance, sarcasm, and callousness. However, his added hints of self-doubt and vulnerability save Aspen from being completely unsympathetic...Crouch also masterfully delivers a distinct cast of characters, which includes standouts such as Aspen's grandma Willow, whose voice is frail but shrewd. A paranormal thriller with complex, fascinating characters."

- Booklist, Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies


"Crouch does a remarkable job bringing Archer to life. He subtly changes his tone and delivery to reflect Archer’s growing maturity without going over the top and insulting listeners with a too-babyish voice at the beginning or a laughably prepubescent voice at the end. Each character is given a unique voice, a remarkable feat, given the number of adult male role models."

- Booklist, The Best Man, Starred Review


"Crouch's truthful performance creates a disenchanted Kip as he faces a court-martial for a shocking crime in Vietnam. Gilbert and Crouch take us from the nightmare of JFK's assassination to the chaotic fall of Saigon, offering rich portraits of people and their problems during the volatile period that was the 1960s."

- AudioFile Magazine, The Outside Lands


Audie Awards: Rebuttal, Finalist (Original Work, 2018)

Audie Awards: New York 2140, Finalist (Science Fiction, 2018)

Audie Awards: See You in the Cosmos, Finalist (Middle Grade, 2018)

Audie Awards: Salt to the Sea, Winner (Young Adult, 2017)

Audie Awards: All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook, Finalist (Middle Grade, 2017)

YALSA: Goodbye Days, 2018 Amazing Audiobook for Young Adults

YALSA: See You in the Cosmos, 2018 Amazing Audiobook for Young Adults

YALSA: Wink Poppy Midnight, 2017 Top Ten Amazing Audiobook for Young Adults

YALSA: Salt to the Sea, 2017 Top Ten Amazing Audiobook for Young Adults

YALSA: Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, 2016 Amazing Audiobook for Young Adults

Cybils Awards: The Best Man, 2016 Audiobook Finalist

ALSC: See You in the Cosmos, 2018 Notable Children's Recording

ALSC: You Are (Not) Small, 2017 Notable Children's Video

Best of the Year: The Haters, Top 10 Audiobook of 2016, School Library Journal

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